Rule Mind

Rule Mind Mage Book Symbol

Rule Mind is an incredibly powerful spell Level 9 Enchantment Spell. It Is very similar to Permanent Charm, except a few differences. Type VII and VIII often use this spell, to make an army or use a person for amusement.


When the spell is cast, the targeted character must save versus spell. Even though they have no penalties, The then must save versus charm. If one of these fail, the spell has Effect. The spell when affecting a character, will make the character do the utmost will of the caster (Not hesitating self destruct). A ruled individual can only be released from to spell if a mage of level 18 or higher cast Remove Curse. While affected by the spell, the victim will wish to serve the caster, and do so joyfully. If the caster dies, than the victim will become mindless, and have an intelligence of 1, but this can be cured by a remove curse spell of which a mage is 18th level or higher. Also, if the victim is cured but the caster still lives, than the victim will follow to get close to the caster, and when within 1 mile from the caster, be back under the casters control. If the caster dies and a remove curse spell is cast before or after the caster dies, the victim will return to normal.