Sun Beam is a level 8 Invoksion spell that has mass power on certain enemies.
Sun Beam

Sun Beam's spell symbol


When the spell is cast, a mighty beam of light comes from the sky (Or roof) to burn some enemies. Any Undead hit by the spell would take 75 hit points of damage. Any Demons hit by the spell takes 88 hit points of damage, and any Evil characters hit will take 50 hit points of damage and any neutral characters hit must save versus spell with a +2 bonus or take 35 hit points of damage. Enemies with less than 20 hit points are instantly killed by the spell, and any summoned creature (Except Of Good alignment) will be slain. This spell is not affected by Magic Resistance, Fire Resistance will affect, but only make the spell do half damage and if death ward is cast, it will protect evil and neutral characters from the spell.